Coverage beyond the limits

Umbrella Coverage

An umbrella policy provides legal defense if ever held in a lawsuit and we say it is the cheapest attorney you can buy. Umbrella policies are very affordable for additional liability which comes in $1 million increments.

An umbrella insurance policy provides extra liability coverage beyond the limits of your home and auto insurance policies. This can help protect you if you are found legally responsible for damages that exceed the coverage limits of your other policies.

Do you have an umbrella policy? If yes, great! 

If not, can we ask why?

We have found that many people don’t fully understand the need for Umbrella coverage. Oftentimes, they think umbrella coverage is only needed for the wealthy or well-off. Not true! 

If you own a home and auto you likely should be covered by an umbrella policy. Let us walk you through umbrella coverage, what it is and what it will do for you